As peacemaker, Kalani is an advisor to the Center for Global Nonkilling, a nonprofit organization in Hawaii dedicated to the idea of ending the killing of humans globally through the development of young leadership, the shifting of policy, and the raising of awareness of the potential for nonkilling in the public consciousness.

Kalani taught Conflict Resolution at University of Hawaii at Manoa in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. He was on the Committee for Intense Public Conflict of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), a body of 6,000 international professional peacemakers; and served as one of two Hawaiians in the Native Network, a group of 450 peacemakers on the Department of the Interior (DOI) out of the Morris Udall Center for Peace in Tucson, Arizona.

One thought on “Peacemaker

  1. Elvira DiBrigit

    Aloha – Thanks so much for sharing stories with us today in Speak the Spark. It was more than I expected. What does that mean? What was I expecting? I don’t know, but one important take away I gained is that for second time this week, I heard confirmation that I am meant to take the next steps forward in working with young women. I’ve been asking how shall I share my truths? Where shall I put my creative efforts? And recently I’ve been envisioning working again with a circle of young women. So I heard you loud and clear!

    Well, I have a pretty flexible full-time job, so I will definitely get up to visit you soon. Got to go feed the child now. ;)

    Again, thanks so much!

    Blessings All Ways,
    Elvira, aka LV


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