He teaches workshops in Hawaii and abroad in the continental United States and Europe on Hawaiian Cosmology and Philosophy. As well as teaching alongside his wife, Julie Kai Stowell the Hawaiian healing art of Lomilomi. Principally as taught by Aunty Magaret Kalehuamakanoelulu’uonapali Machado of Kona, Island of Hawaii and Joseph Kalani Kealohanui and Lomana Keualani of Wailua Nui, Maui. These are familial regimens of physical, dietary and emotional work aimed to keep the body in balance, pono.

He is a student of “personology”; Jungian archetypal characterizations of innate preferences exhibited by humans under stress. The behaviors of individuals as well as large groups of people, the meta consciousness that creates the “small c” of culture.

He is published in a recent collective entitled “Transforming Through 2012” with other authers such as Babara Marx Hubbard, James Lipton, George Noory, Elizabeth Jenkins to name a few.

He is currently authoring a book entitled “Under a Native Moon” about the moon cycle and its relationship to indigenous and native perspectives as well as our capacity to seamlessly interface with the natural world.

One thought on “Philosopher

  1. John Michael Musselman

    Greetings to you Kalani,

    My name is John-Michael Musselman. I first connected with you through the For the Wild podcast. You inspired me greatly through that sharing, and I felt very resonant with all that you were speaking. It was a powerful and inspiring transmission. Thank you.

    Many cycles within my life have come to an end here recently, and so a new beginning. I have been seeking a way to live, learn and serve within a earth/nature-connected container. My background has been in the study and facilitation of youth rites of passage, permaculture, deep nature connection mentoring, and wilderness living skills. A very strong dedication to the spiritual path beneath it all. I am reaching out to you with the desire to be of service…. to find a way to learn, deepen, and further my becoming through true work/true service/true purpose. Sacred co-creation. Tending to the land~ cultivating food, medicine and beauty~ feels to be an incredibly important part of any equation right now. If you see any clear way that I may be able to engage proactively out on the Big Island (where my own dreams have been guiding me), I would welcome your suggestions and any potential opportunity. If there is any way I may be able to help with your personal vision and service, i would be deeply honored.

    These are strange and beautiful times….playing small/safe/scared has no place in my life anymore. This gauntlet feels like a true initiation, where every choice has definite meaning….every choice truly matters. I intend mine to count for something, and to help our web of life and light realize its most beautiful, harmonious expression.

    Thank you again…for all that you give, and all that you teach. And for taking the time to read this message. I look forward to hearing back from you if the spirit moves you. Until then, may you and all that you love be blessed in every way….

    With great respect,


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